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Web-based medical billing software from DreamForce — medical practice solutions. Online, medical office billing insurance software for practice and billing management.

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Medical Billing Training

We provide the most comprehensive Medical Billing Software Training Videos on the featured web-based software for practice management and medical billing below! Additionally, we provide onsite and web-based training and consulting for those who desire more hands on medical billing training - including Office 2007 and Windows Vista training (www.videotrainingpro.com training videos)...
  • Free unlimited phone and email medical billing software support
  • Free access to online Medical Billing Training Video Library
  • Fast medical billing software activation and office staff training
  • Company provides experienced and "certified" one-on-one medical billing training
  • Web-based software with that familiar look and comfortable feel of Microsoft's Windows
  • Export software's data anytime
Get a complete medical billing software that's HIPAA secure and accessible anywhere there's internet, even from your home office! We offer unrivaled experience, services and products for any office using the featured medical billing insurance and practice management software.

Insurance Medical Billing With Ease

The software provides simple steps to submit your medical claims either electronically or to paper. Easily submit your statements electronically for the clearinghouse to print, stuff, stamp and mail off your statement for you or drop them to paper as well. And to help process your claims correctly the medical billing software can scrub your claims for errors by Ingenix. Knowing before you submit your claim, that it has the proper modifier, and codes can save time by not having to wait weeks for a denial by the insurance.

Practice Management Simplicity

With the web-based medical billing software it is simple to import, or scan your chart files electronically into the system on any computer that has internet connection. Providers can use computers or Tablet PCs to enter in their charges electronically into the system, and also their notes; either using Tablet PC's "Ink" software, Microsoft's Word or even simple customizable online forms. Providers can view their scheduled appointments and schedule in additional appointments online anytime!
Medical Billing Software
Web-based medical billing software and EMR training products.
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"Cliffs Notes" style Microsoft training manuals and videos.