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Access 2016 Forms: Basic Introduction To Forms

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Access 2016 training video on the basic introduction to a Form, and includes how to sort and filter records in a form.

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Access 2016 Queries: Basics On Creating A Query In Design View

Access 2016 training video on how to create a query by Design, or in the design view including adding: tables and fields from those tables to the query.

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Access 2016: Basic Database Introduction

Access 2016 training video on the basic introduction to Access 2016 as a relational database, or a database that breaks the data down into its smallest most meaning parts, or tables and then links those tables in a relationship to pull data as needed, and thereby making process more efficient for both user and computer.

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Excel 2016: Create PivotTable Basics

Excel 2016 training video on how to create a basic PivotTable, which is an interactive worksheet table that is used to analyze, and summarize large amounts of data.

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Excel 2016: Basics On Creating Charts

Excel 2016 training video on how the basics of how to create charts and the chart elements including: Axes, Axis Titles, Chart Title, Legend, as well as formatting with styles, chart types including bar, columns and pie, and the chart's legend.

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Word 2016: Basics On Creating A Document

I'm starting to see some back to school sales, and so I'd thought join in going back with this Word 2016 tutorial on how to create a document. Whoa! Before you write this off as a simple type, I do cover text wrap, show and hide codes, and the AutoCorrect features as some [...]

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