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Excel 2016: Conditional Formatting Rules

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Excel 2016 training video on the conditional formatting rules including formatting cells: based upon their values, only cells that contain specified values, top or bottom ranked values, above or below average and only unique or duplicate values.

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Excel 2016: Format Chart

Excel tip! Need to format your chart and make it look more aesthetically pleasing, including some tips on number axis formats? Okay, here it is :)

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Excel 2016: Basics On Creating Charts

Excel 2016 training video on how the basics of how to create charts and the chart elements including: Axes, Axis Titles, Chart Title, Legend, as well as formatting with styles, chart types including bar, columns and pie, and the chart's legend.

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Word 2016: Reveal And Clear Formats

Word 2016 tutorial on the Reveal Formatting feature that will display the formats currently applied to your selected text, and you'll also see how to clear the formatting as well.

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Excel 2016: Basic Conditional Formatting

Excel 2016 tutorial on how to apply a format to a cell when a criteria has been met, or conditional formatting. You'll see the top 5 most popular conditional formats used including: highlight, top and bottom values, data bars, color scales and icon sets in this Excel 2016 training video.

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Free Excel 2016 Training Video on Basic Custom Number Format

Excel 2016 tutorial on how to create a basic custom number format. Learn how to create a custom number format like Social Security field that adds text to the number, but without actually being part of the number as you'll see in this Excel 2016 training video on custom number formats.

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Free Excel 2016 Training Video On Formatting Shortcuts!

Excel 2016 tutorial on how to use formatting shortcuts like the: Format Painter that will copy all the formats of selected cell (or range of cells) that you can then apply to another in a single click. Also, the secret behind the F4 key and how not only to apply the most recent format, [...]

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