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Excel 2016: Setting Print Range And Scaling

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Excel 2016 tutorial on how to set a cell, or range of cells as a print area that will be the only part of your spreadsheet that prints, and how to scale down you font size to allow more to fit onto your printed page prior to printing in this Excel 2016 training video.

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Excel 2016: Page Orientation

Excel 2016 tutorial on how to use Portrait or Landscape as the Page Orientation to view more data vertically, or horizontally respectively when you print out your spreadsheet as you'll learn in this Excel 2016 training video.

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Excel 2016: Print Page Breaks, Gridlines and Headlines

Excel 2016 tutorial on how to display or hide gridlines and headlines in the spreadsheet as well as from printing. Also, I'll cover the page break line that appears after you come out of the Print Preview as you'll see in this Excel 2016 training video.

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