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Access 2016 Tables: Subdatasheets

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Access 2016 training video on subdatasheets which are datasheets nested within datasheets, or like tables within tables, but that are related. In other words, it's the ability to look up related data in another table without leaving your current table's datasheet view.

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Access 2016 Tables: Create One-to-Many Relationships

Access 2016 training video on how to create a One-to-Many relationship between two tables, where you can have basically one record linked to many other records like: one customer that has many orders. This also includes enforcing referential integrity, cascade updates to related fields and deleting related records.

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Access 2016: Basics On Primary, Composite & Foreign Keys

Access 2016 training video basics on creating Primary, Composite and Foreign keys, as well as how and when to use them in your tables, prior to creating relationships between two or more tables.

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Access 2016: Entering Records In Tables

Access 2016 training video on how to enter in records in a table efficiently with some tips, tricks and shortcuts.

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Access 2016: Basic Database Introduction

Access 2016 training video on the basic introduction to Access 2016 as a relational database, or a database that breaks the data down into its smallest most meaning parts, or tables and then links those tables in a relationship to pull data as needed, and thereby making process more efficient for both user and computer.

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Excel 2016: Modifying Tables

Excel 2016 tutorial on how to modify tables including: add, remove rows or columns, removing duplicate records, adding a total row and more!

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Excel 2016: Create Tables

Excel 2016 tutorial on how to have Excel treat a part of your worksheet as a separate datasheet by converting that range of cells into a table.

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