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Project 2013 Training Videos

Project 2013 Training Videos

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Project 2013 Training Videos will show you how to create and track your project plans, by breaking those large plans down into small, easy to track steps or as Project refers to as Tasks. Once you've decided what those tasks are, then you'll learn how to track the resources used to complete those specific tasks like: workers, materials and costs.

Learn how to create schedules for your project, tasks and resources; and also defining a budget for it all, and more by our Microsoft Certified Trainer training Project 2013!

DVD includes Project 2013 Levels 1 & 2 training videos in both: Flash (.swf) and Windows Media Video (.wmv), Exercise Files, Quiz, Answers and Instructor's Notes. Our Project 2013 Levels 1 & 2 training videos include all the training you need to pass the Project 2013 (74-343) Exam and become certified!


Project 2013 Level 1 (4.9 hrs):


  1. Project 2013 Introduction (1:49)
  2. Project 2013 Overview (11:21)
  3. Customize Environment (4:00)
  4. Customize Quick Access Toolbar (3:56)
  5. Customize Ribbon (5:58)
  6. Project Basics (4:57)
  7. Project Base Calendar (7:08)
  8. Exception Days (4:59)
  9. Nondefault Work Week (3:08)
  10. Set Project Calendar (2:17)
  11. Task Mode (5:38)
  12. Adding Tasks (9:55)
  13. Project Summary Task (3:08)
  14. Entering Task Duration (5:01)
  15. About Resources (2:15)
  16. Entering Resources (9:26)


  1. Outlining Tasks (7:46)
  2. Work Breakdown Structure (1:15)
  3. Timeline (11:21)
  4. Linking Tasks (10:35)
  5. Timescale (3:08)
  6. Task Priority (3:46)
  7. Inactivate Tasks (1:13)
  8. Modify Relationships (4:50)
  9. Lag & Lead Time (3:43)
  10. Task Constraints (5:28)
  11. Task Deadline (2:37)
  12. Task Notes (1:45)
  13. Milestones (1:45)
  14. Recurring Task (4:46)
  15. Calendar Types (1:46)


  1. General Details (7:10)
  2. Change Working Times (7:27)
  3. Assign Resources (12:43)
  4. Fixed Cost (2:45)
  5. Three Time Fields (9:38)
  6. Effort Driven (4:23)
  7. Task Type (8:43)
  8. Resource Costs (6:23)
  9. Budget Resources (10:33)
  10. Overallocated A (7:41)
  11. Overallocated B (4:48)
  12. Resource Leveling A (7:09)
  13. Resource Leveling B (5:23)


  1. Critical Path (5:04)
  2. Slack & Slip (4:07)
  3. Shorten Project's Finish Date (2:40)
  4. Dividing Tasks (4:15)
  5. Set Baseline (10:52)
  6. Using Reports (9:11)
  7. Custom Report A (10:30)
  8. Custom Report B (7:42)

Project 2013 Level 2 (3.8 hrs):

Importing & Exporting

  1. Share Project (7:00)
  2. Import Excel (6:58)
  3. Exporting Project (9:36)
  4. Export As Picture (2:14)

Updating Tasks

  1. Status Date (2:43)
  2. Mark On Track (2:46)
  3. Update Task Status (3:14)
  4. Earned Value BCWP (7:39)
  5. Entering Task Progress (8:43)
  6. Variance Tracking (4:09)
  7. Tracking Actuals (5:33)
  8. Progress Bars (1:50)
  9. Tracking Task Chart (2:37)
  10. Progress Line (1:58)
  11. Status Indicator (2:24)
  12. Entering Overtime (9:30)
  13. Autolink (1:22)
  14. Insert & Deleting Tasks (3:26)
  15. Split Task (3:31)
  16. Move & Unlink Tasks (1:56)
  17. Create Network Diagram (4:57)
  18. Reschedule Task (2:51)
  19. Filters (3:19)
  20. Set Interim Plan (6:48)
  21. Custom Tables (4:16)
  22. Custom Text Fields (6:42)
  23. Custom Formula Fields (7:08)
  24. Customized Flag Field (1:53)

Project Costs

  1. Cost Rates Table (6:50)
  2. Group Costs (7:03)
  3. Multiple Criteria Grouping (4:27)
  4. Hyperlinks (2:19)

Visual Reports

  1. Create Visual Report (1:33)
  2. Customize Visual Report (5:05)
  3. Visual Report Template (6:09)

Reusing Information

  1. Create Templates (6:57)
  2. View Commands (3:42)
  3. Navigating Views (4:32)
  4. Single Custom View (2:02)
  5. Combo Custom View (2:09)
  6. The Organizer (4:29)
  7. Share Resources A (11:35)
  8. Share Resources B (6:48)
  9. Master Project (9:32)
  10. Custom WBS Codes (10:53)
  11. Linking Projects (5:36)
Project 2013 Training Videos

Project 2013 training videos from Dream Force — training videos solutions.
Affordable Project 2013 training videos

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  1. A far more effective learning experience,

    It is by far, the best software instruction I’ve ever received. And I've taken a number of classroom software courses, but the DreamForce courses exceed them all. The course is made experiential, in that the Instructor discusses the applications from a basic perspective (to indicate and share not just the HOW, but WHY this is useful). This provides a far more effective learning experience. The course also provides Instructor notes, a Quiz and Answer Sheet. I would not turn to anything else for my software education (only if Dreamforce didn’t currently offer it). With product quality at this level, I expect that this company will grow wildly, and perhaps not be as accessible and as reasonably priced in the future.

    Also, the Dreamforce team has the best customer care I could imagine. They are exceptionally responsive, professional and friendly people who care about your learning experience. Thanks Dreamforce.

    Happy to Serve (Submitted on 17th Apr 2017)

  2. Best Video product on the market

    I purchased Project 2013 and have purchased other Dreamforce videos. Each is an excellent leaning tool. I think the best on the market. I still review one I bought three years ago !!

    Carl Jones (Submitted on 1st Nov 2015)

  3. Good product good service.

    Good product good service.

    John C. - Texax (Submitted on 30th Oct 2015)

  4. I think your product is awesome.

    From a practicing project manager. This is a great resource to learn Microsoft Project 2013. I've been using Microsoft Project for over 10 years and this video trainer has taught me little tips and tricks I never knew before. I'm a Microsoft Office Master Instructor with a doctorate in education with a specialization in adult learning. My professional opinion of this training is that it is well done and very effective in its methodology in training Project 2013 using multiple learning styles. I highly recommend this product and encourage my colleagues to purchase and use.

    Deborah J. - Louisiana (Submitted on 6th Jan 2015)

  5. This is the best training video I have ever used!

    Highly recommend and will be purchasing again from Dream Force!

    Valerie R. - Illinois (Submitted on 6th Jan 2015)

  6. Excellent training videos.

    Excellent training videos.

    John P. - Ohio (Submitted on 6th Jan 2015)

  7. Training Simple and Understandable.

    The videos for Project 2013 is easy to follow with clear audio explaining each step while graphics and images are provide via HTML or flash. This provides a clear and professional images enabling the student to follow the instructions step by step from point A to Z. Unlike previous viewed training videos where the images skip every-other step. Watching the Flash slides versus PowerPoint slides, as seen in other training videos, is a huge improvement to the learn process. Dream Force's Project 2013 is one of the best training videos I have seen in the last four years; compared to training videos on SQL, SharePoint, Project and SAP. Thank you Dream Force for this product.

    Sam S. - North Carolina (Submitted on 6th Jan 2015)

  8. Just what I needed to get started!

    I have some experience with older versions of Project, but just got assigned to a massive project that will involve scores of people, suppliers, and consultants and will run for 9-12 months, so having a way to manage all the details and get an overview of overall progress was crucial. The Dream Force training videos have allowed me to come back up to speed on the basic features of Project quickly and learn the latest about using the application to my benefit. I would recommend this video series to anyone moving to or staring out with Project 2013.

    David K. - Maryland (Submitted on 6th Jan 2015)

  9. Excellent Training.

    I was interested in gaining a more functional knowledge of Microsoft Project 2013, so I looked at 2 sets of video instruction - the Project 2013 Training Videos from Dream Force, and a course from Lynda.com. I have used a variety of training materials on different subjects through a large number of vendors, so when I have to opportunity to try out any new training program, I judge it based on ~50 similar programs. With that being said - I highly recommend the DreamForce Project 2013 training videos - they are top notch. There were several nice touches that I feel really elevated this course, from good to great. - the instructor had a voice that was easy to listen to (and that is not insignificant if you are listening for 8.5 hours) - the pacing of the lectures was good with new material being added quickly enough to keep things interesting, but not so quickly that it became overwhelming - the table of contents was very nicely organized, which made it easy to find specific topics quickly - I decided to sit for the 74-343 exam after studying this series, and after using this as my primary study tool, I scored a 952 on the exam (700 required to pass). I was extremely pleased with it, and it made it pretty easy to get my Microsoft certification. This training package was an excellent purchase, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about Project Professional 2013.

    Jason W. - Washington (Submitted on 6th Jan 2015)

  10. This has to be the best video training on Project 2013!

    It is clear, very easy to follow, voice, pace, diction, graphics, all in an organized fashion. I gained knowledgeable information ready to use on the job to become an efficient and productive team member. It offers valuable material on Project Management as well as the Microsoft Project toolset itself. As a PMP certified Project Manager, I highly recommend this training to those who are already project managers as well as to those who are looking to join the field. Project 2013 is no longer the scary subject matter talked about at the office. This valuable training has loads to offer. You wouldn't want to be without it! Thank you Kirt!

    Mary V. - Oregon (Submitted on 6th Jan 2015)

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