Computer Whirring, Spinning, Sound or Noise and the Possible Fix!

My computer would make loud noises, like a whirring sound when I'd be working on video rendering.  However, the loud spinning sound that I thought could have been the fan from an over heated processor might be the issue, or even a hard drive, or SSD failure was incorrect.  And then I remembered.  For those of you who have like Windows 7 or 8, guess what?  If you're issue is like mine it's the Windows update. 

Yes, I choose not have have Microsoft automatically download and install their updates, because I have found that some of their updates haven't been tested prior to their release, or if so then not very well, and messes up my computer, like its settings and other haunting attributes from a bad update.

So in the "Choose how Windows can install updates" window, that can be accessed from the Control Panel>System and Security>"Turn Automatic Updating on or off," that if you've chosen one of the two following: "Download updates, but let me choose whether to install them," or "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them.", then the burden is placed upon your computer and away from Microsoft's Servers and hence my whirring. 

More so now with Windows 10 which has "forced" updates and then your computer becomes the sever after it updates itself, and then spreads those updates to others throughout the world, sparing the strain that would have been placed onto Microsoft's servers on to you.  In short, you're computer becomes a zombie for others to update throughout the world, which in turn will put a toll at those times on your bandwidth and again not Microsoft's.  So while there may not be whirring for Windows 10, but let me know...for those of us who still have older version of Windows that allow us a choice, the whirring I've found comes from Microsoft beating up my computer as I wait to install it's updates.  Once all have been installed, or "hidden" because you don't want to install certain updates then the whirring comes to a complete stop, or at least it did for me...that is until the next update from Microsoft.

28th Jul 2016 Kirt Kershaw

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