Excel 'Convert' Function - Converts from one measurement to another.

Here's a fun function to learn in Micsofot's Excel and it's simple to use, the "Convert" function!  If you ever wanted to convert one measurement system into another like gallons to liters, or inches to centimeters, meter, foot, yard, day, year...oh, my!  So much to convert with.  Simple type "=" into the cell and then the first couple of letters "conv" and then press the Tab key and you'll the argument, or syntax requiring input.  Type in the number first, then type the comma "," then type in "from unit" like "yard", then type comma "," and type in the "end unit" like feet and press the Enter key.  Oh, that was fun!  Yes, let's do this again, but this time you do it :)

11th Jul 2016 Kirt Kershaw

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