Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial for Beginners – How to Use Excel Part 7

This is a Microsoft Excel 2016 Basic Tutorial for beginners. In this basic course Excel video tutorial, you’ll learn how to create Array Formulas including single and multiple Arrays, create Tables to more easily organize your data and remove duplicate records fast, modifying and formatting Tables, how to create a Custom Table Style, sorting and filtering Table records, DSUM, DAVAERAGE and DCOUNT database functions, date and time functions, sorting a database and the Top Excel Database Design Flaws, applying AutoFilter, using the Advanced Filter and using the Subtotals feature and Subtotal Function.

1. Single and Multiple Array Formulas
2. Create Tables
3. Modifying Tables
4. Custom Table Styles
5. Table Sorting and Filtering
7. Date and Time Functions
8. Database Sorting and Top Database Design Flaws
9. AutoFilter
10. Advanced Filter
11. Subtotals Feature and Subtotals Function

10th Sep 2018 Kirt Kershaw

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