Navigating Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

The old adage of I learn something new every time, is applicable to me and from what I hear a lot of Excel longtime users who watch my training videos.  For example, as basic as it sound when it comes to navigating or moving around in Excel, there's so much more that I'm eager to share with you that I believe will help increase, or improve your productivity.  And in my Excel 2013 training videos, number 5 titled, "Navigating Excel" I not only start with the basics, but like most of all my Microsoft Office training videos I include more that what's in the title with tips, tricks and shortcuts. So here's one trick.  Select any cells in a range of cells, and then to advance instantly to the edge of that range, double-click on one of the four borders of that selected cell.  What to see it in action along with other tips,  tricks and shortcuts.  Buy my download or DVD and support my cause to bring detailed, certified Microsoft Office training videos.  You can see for yourself by watching my free training videos to sample my work.

23rd Jul 2016 Kirt Kershaw

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