Kirt Kershaw knocks them dead. Video Trainer Access 2010, simply stated, is the best vehicle I have seen to help users learn the ins and outs of this Microsoft application. Mr. Kershaw is the working definition of a teacher: 1/3 knowledge, 1/3 skill, 1/3 entertainment: he knows his material, is skilled at presenting it, and holds the students interest while doing so."

Robert M. - Florida


"Excel 2013 Video Course, the best out there! If you want to get ready for your Microsoft Certification Exam for Excel 2013, this is the way to go. This is the most comprehensive video course that I've ever owned. Kirt Kershaw breaks down Excel 2013 making the learning process as easy as taking candy from a baby. This video course covers not only the basics, but it also covers the most complicated features of the application. It is rare to find study material for the Expert Certification Exam for Excel 2013, so I'm thankful for such an affordable quality video course. My friend just paid $300 for an intensive one-day Excel 2013 course, and he only learned the basics. This video course offers three levels, with exercise files, and quizzes, making the learning experience hands on, an important key in learning Excel. The price is less than half a third of what my friend paid, and the videos are mine to revisit as much as I want."

Edward G. - New York


"Excellent Computer Based Training for all levels of EXCEL. This is the best computer based training I have ever had on any level. The author is entertaining, knowledgeable and adds to each lesson no matter what your skill level may be. You will walk away from this training with more knowledge and better prepared to work in Excel 2013."

Harold B. – Georgia


"By the way, thank you so much for producing such amazing training videos - I have used different online training courses but yours are the best!"

Masayoshi H. – Australia


"I think your product is awesome. From a practicing project manager. This is a great resource to learn Microsoft Project 2013. I've been using Microsoft Project for over 10 years and this video trainer has taught me little tips and tricks I never knew before. I'm a Microsoft Office Master Instructor with a doctorate in education with a specialization in adult learning. My professional opinion of this training is that it is well done and very effective in its methodology in training Project 2013 using multiple learning styles. I highly recommend this product and encourage my colleagues to purchase and use."

Deborah J. – Louisiana


"This has to be the best video training on Project 2013! It is clear, very easy to follow, voice, pace, diction, graphics, all in an organized fashion. I gained knowledgeable information ready to use on the job to become an efficient and productive team member. It offers valuable material on Project Management as well as the Microsoft Project toolset itself. As a PMP certified Project Manager, I highly recommend this training to those who are already project managers as well as to those who are looking to join the field. Project 2013 is no longer the scary subject matter talked about at the office. This valuable training has loads to offer. You wouldn't want to be without it! Thank you Kirt!"

Mary V. - Oregon


"Training Simple and Understandable. The videos for Project 2013 is easy to follow with clear audio explaining each step while graphics and images are provide via HTML or flash. This provides a clear and professional images enabling the student to follow the instructions step by step from point A to Z. Unlike previous viewed training videos where the images skip every-other step. Watching the Flash slides versus PowerPoint slides, as seen in other training videos, is a huge improvement to the learn process. DreamForce's Project 2013 is one of the best training videos I have seen in the last four years; compared to training videos on SQL, SharePoint, Project and SAP. Thank you DreamForce for this product."

Sam S. - North Carolina


"Excellent Training. I was interested in gaining a more functional knowledge of Microsoft Project 2013, so I looked at 2 sets of video instruction - the Project 2013 Training Videos from DreamForce, and a course from I have used a variety of training materials on different subjects through a large number of vendors, so when I have to opportunity to try out any new training program, I judge it based on ~50 similar programs. With that being said - I highly recommend the DreamForce Project 2013 training videos - they are top notch. There were several nice touches that I feel really elevated this course, from good to great. - the instructor had a voice that was easy to listen to (and that is not insignificant if you are listening for 8.5 hours) - the pacing of the lectures was good with new material being added quickly enough to keep things interesting, but not so quickly that it became overwhelming - the table of contents was very nicely organized, which made it easy to find specific topics quickly - I decided to sit for the 74-343 exam after studying this series, and after using this as my primary study tool, I scored a 952 on the exam (700 required to pass). I was extremely pleased with it, and it made it pretty easy to get my Microsoft certification. This training package was an excellent purchase, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about Project Professional 2013."

Jason W. - Washington


"Best training videos ever!! These training videos saved my life! Seriously! If I didn't pass an Excel exam for school, my degree progress would've been thrown way off track. The videos are extremely well done and easy to watch. Kirt Kershaw is a great teacher. I learned so much, and I am so glad I discovered this program. Thank you!!!!!"

Sam O. – California


"I passed the EXPERT test !!!! The Expert test was one of the most difficult ones I have taken. While I did well on the Specialist one using the "yellow" book, the Expert one was a fail using the "green" book. I used this, studied through all of the lessons twice, and aced the test. I am currently using your Word 2010 DVD for study. Thanks so much as I shoot for MOS Master!!!! Thanks Kirt!!!!!!"

Peter S. – Wisconsin


"These training videos gave me the knowledge and confidence to land my dream job. In tough economic times such as these it’s essential to have valuable skills to bring to a job interview. Having very strong MS Office skills is a must have for any decent CV (change this to resume if you like) to stand a chance in today’s job market. My investment in this training has paid for itself several times over on day 1 of starting the job – Thank you!"

Peter W. - United Kingdom


"Accountants don't use Excel to the software's full potential and I was looking for an easy to understand video, that covered useful features that could be used in the accounting profession. This is an excellent video covering a variety of skill levels and explained clearly with live examples. Kirt Kershaw has a relaxed manner, and a voice that you never tire of. My concern on using video's is that after the first couple of lectures, I would wish the trainer would shut up. Whether it be an irritating voice, lack of teaching skill or just boring. I would definitely recommend Excel 2010 - it is an excellent training tool and teaches knowledge that is required to be efficient in the business world. I thought the training videos from Dream Force were excellent. The trainer was so good and had a voice that u never tired of. Some videos you wish the person would shut up, as they have an irritating voice. I will gladly rate this, as it was EXCELLENT. Kirt Kershaw is a brilliant teacher, I've never met him but after 14 hours - I love him to bits."

Terry R. – Alabama


"Kirt: I just wanted to say "THANKS" - because of your Access 2010 Video Training, I was able to pass my Access 2010 certification exam ON THE FIRST TRY. Now on to Word Expert! Thanks, again!"

Ellen H. - New Jersey